Dreams & Visions of the End Times

On 16th September 2009, the Lord impressed upon me to create an online site where I can share to others what He has been revealing to me in this current time. On the morning of 18 Sep 2009, He told me to name it "God's Mandate" and a few hours later to include "for this generation" in the title as well.

This site include dreams and visions of end days that the Lord has shown us over the past few months. In these dreams, there was a clear urgency from the Lord that these dreams and visions had to be known to the world, and hence the creation of this website.

Note that I do not claim that these are the complete picture of the end times as the Lord chooses to reveal different things to many of His people. For we receive in part and prophesy in part (1 Cor 13:9). Thus it is very important that you seek the Lord for discernment as well.

These dreams & visions came forth as a result of full engagement in the Lord's presence and after a difficult time in our lives and a subsequent breakthrough. They are but a small component of the full revelation from God and have already begun and are to come. They serve as warnings to all (believers and non-believers) and also for the edification of the people of God.

For those in Christ, I pray that these will bring edification and conviction in your life. For those still seeking, I pray that you may find a place for God in your life. For the end is near, and the days are short. We do not know the day or the hour when the Son of Man returns, but watch and see that you are prepared (Matthew 24: 36, 42, 44).

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Horse with Red Stripes

I see a black horse with red stripes on his body. It has a white horn. Smoke was coming out from his nostrils and it was bend on destroying the people of God who looked like sticky circular objects joined together. Whenever the horse charged at them and his horn tore the various circles apart, they always joined back together and it frustrated the destroyer greatly because it could do nothing to annihilate the people of God. So fear not Oh people for the Lord God is with you. The mighty one of Israel is your guide.

(shown to Mark)

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